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Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Fun & Authentic Wedding Photography for Couples in Baltimore, DC, Maryland and Beyond

Sometimes I BLOG

And when I do, it’s just for you!

Your love is unmatched. Incomparable. Unique. Maybe kinda quirky in the most delightful way.

You deserve to have your wedding journey documented with an enthusiasm that celebrates your one-of-a-kind love, from the big moments to the tiny details that mean so much to you.Β 

Explore some of the unique wedding love stories we’ve documented for other Baltimore, DC and Maryland couples to see how your wedding will be captured with YOU in mind.

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just another wedding photography blog

I know what you’re thinking. Another wedding photography blog, oy! Why bother with wedding photography blogging, or blogging about weddings in general? Do people even read this?

A wedding photography blog is the deep dive we all should’ve done on that walking red flag of a vendor, restaurant or person we should’ve never dated. If you know, you know. The good news is that you don’t have to be sneaky with this snoop session because I’m an open book that I want you to read! Informed consent should apply to all areas of life, and I will scream from the rooftops forever that you should know exactly what you’re getting when you hire someone to provide a service at your wedding, and what you’re signing up for should excite you and make you feel safe. I’m not just in wedding photography for the paycheck. I find joy and fulfillment in caring for others, and favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is that it’s part of a niche service industry where there is so much value riding on the service being provided. Weddings are a big deal. Your wedding is a big deal to me. I want you to have all the know-how, all the tips, tricks and extras that will make your wedding a dream experience, jam packed with fun and stingy on the stress. To be full of smiles and low on the grumpies on your wedding day and after means making an informed decision about your wedding photographer, knowing what you’re signing up for, who you’re hiring and what you should and should not expect throughout your entire experience. A wedding photography blog is a great first stop to peruse your potential wedding photographer because you can do it on your own time with no scheduled calls or pressure. I encourage you to snoop to your hearts content and reach out if you wanna meet and talk about your wedding! – Rachel

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