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Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

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Your Favorite Quirky Baltimore Wedding Photographer

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I run a tight pirate ship. Efficient, fun and kinda ridiculous.

I keep things light, fun and a little bit inappropriate while keeping the day running hecka smooth and on time, so that YOU don’t have to spend your day managing a schedule and worrying about the time.

Hiccups during your wedding day? You’ll probably never hear about them because I sniff em out and adapt before the problems ever reach you. I am nothing if not amazing under pressure (aka I never turned anything in early in college)


About Me: Real honest talk, I don’t take myself very seriously. Vivacious. Light-hearted. A little bit inappropriate. Almost charming. Adaptable. Obviously super hilarious. These are words that have probably been used to describe me.

My likes: My 3 kids and husband are honestly pretty cool. Other than them, I really like “The Office”, My dog Kevin, ceramic duck figurines, Chili’s Bacon Chicken Ranch Quesadillas and renaissance portraits of cats.

My dislikes: Nicolas Cage.

 Are We A Good Match For Your Baltimore Wedding?

We are probably a good fit if..


You like to be prioritized.

I take a small number of weddings each month to make sure you get all the time, attention and focus!

You feel awkward in front of the camera.

You won’t feel nervous, worried, or like a dork with me! I’ve got you covered. Promise.

You like open communication.

I give every client my cell number because I NEED you to text me pics of your pets and send me gifs.

You value humor.

I don’t want to come right out and say I’m funny, but every couple says I’m funny. So I mean… I’m hilarious.

You want organization.

I’m a dork, but I’m a dork with a plan! We will create your wedding schedule and photo list together for the perfect day!

You want awesome photos.

Candid, posed, documentary style, real laughs, genuine smiles and tears. Your love perfectly captured!

If these things sound good to you then let’s talk! Click TAKE THE NEXT STEP below to chat!



What do my clients think?

Lots of things, and they’re definitely worth reading.

What to say about Rachel – she is the type of person to run into a burning building to save a strangers kids. I’m not saying she’s Batman, but have you ever seen Rachel and Batman in the same room? I sure haven’t, but I don’t actually think she’s Batman, because she’s better than Batman.

Now that I have your attention with my weird ranting, Rachel BetterThanBatman Tanner was an absolute delight to work with. She was super helpful in guiding us and making sure everything was perfect. We didnt know really what we wanted, only that we wanted to have cherished memories, and Rachel really was a key in making that a reality. We are so beyond delighted with our photos, you should absolutely work with her – after all – who wouldn’t want to work with someone who’s better than Batman?


Rachel did our engagement AND wedding/elopement photos!!

My original engagement photo photographer stood us up as we arrived at the site… Rachel was recommended by a friend of mine, and she showed up ON SITE in about an hour!! She even recommended a yummy spot to get a bite to eat while we waited!

…when our wedding had to be downgraded to an elopement, our choice was EASY!!

We love Rachel! She is FANTASTIC! She’s extremely personable…and hilarious!! We plan to use her for ANY photo opportunity that we may have in the future.

Bobby & Susan

Rachel was absolutely amazing for my 10/9/22 wedding! We were struggling to find a photographer who was professional but not stale and who could give us their full attention and we were so glad to have found Rachel. From the first Zoom call, we could tell she was our kind of person. She was very knowledgeable and had great advice leading up to the wedding. We also loved the engagement shoot we did with her, as it gave us the chance to get to know her a bit in person and get comfortable so that there was no awkwardness on the day-of. Rachel embodies the perfect balance between professionalism and also personable. She’s goofy and funny yet fully in charge and assertive. Her personality meshed so well with ours and it really showed in the pictures. She captured the candid special moments beautifully and also gave great direction for the posed formals. She did an outstanding job wrangling my massive & hectic family! We were so happy with how the photos turned out – it’s been challenging to pick favorites to print because they’re all great!! I can’t say enough good things about Rachel (and her assistants)!

If you’re on the fence about booking her or worried about the cost, I can say she’s 100% worth it!! ❤️


You need to book Rachel if you feel awkward in front of a camera but still want beautiful photos! I was so nervous but Rachel immediately put me at ease, kept me laughing, helped me relax and directed me on posing the whole time without it feeling stiff and weird. Even though I was told how to pose and move, the photos perfectly captured my personality.

Rachel will make you forget that you’re nervous about being photographed and give you an experience you actually enjoy with amazing photos as a result! 100/10 recommend working with Rachel!


Rachel was amazing!! From day 1 of our first zoom meeting up until the day she delivered the full digital gallery of our wedding (within 30 days of the wedding!!), has been 100% seamless. She listened to what we wanted from our experience and delivered beyond our expectations. She blended in so well at our wedding and reception, I even forgot she was there at times. But she didn’t miss a beat. I love the candidness of the photos too. She captured the true love and emotion of the day and I couldn’t be happier with the results!!! It was an absolute pleasure and my mother absolutely adored her too!!


I am so thankful we chose Rachel Tanner Photography. She truly was the whole package. Rachel arrived early to the venue to plan and prepare. Her creativity and eye for beauty based on the lighting, surroundings, and colors was impeccable. She was so easy to work with and her attention to detail was next level. I was fairly flustered the day-of, and Rachel gently took control and eased my mind, letting me fully enjoy the whole experience, while keeping me on schedule. Our meetings prior to the Wedding Day were so helpful because we had already discussed my expectations. When I was anxious or couldn’t think, she filled those gaps. We had an outdoor wedding in July, and Rachel even went the extra mile to make sure no one was getting too hot while doing pictures outside. Our final gallery is quite literally to die for, including all of the groups, singles, and formals that we expected, PLUS SOME! We are so excited to gift some of our pictures for the holidays. Overall, we are over-delighted with the entire experience, have keepsakes for a lifetime, and would highly recommend Rachel for any and every occasion. Thank you for everything, Rachel!


I’m not one to leave reviews, but my time spent with Rachel Tanner Photography was wonderful.
My spontaneous elopement was nothing but amazing thanks to Rachel. Unfortunately due to covid, my dream wedding was canceled. My husband and I spontaneously decided to elope on a mountain side. Rachel Tanner was phenomenal. It felt as if she was truly a PART of our experience with the love and excitement that she provided us during our special moment. Creative ideas, caring words, fun personality, and an obvious, genuine love for doing what she does. Wonderful quality, communication, and turn around on our photos. I proudly display my photos everywhere that I can, as I’ve never felt more beautiful. Rachel made me feel comfortable and so beautiful the entire experience! Even our dog has never looked better. Can’t wait for the day I can use LittleTurnipPhotography for her materinary and newborn photos! 😍
Can’t say thank you enough and how lucky we were to have Rachel!


I have never enjoyed getting my pictures taken, but I knew I needed someone to capture our special day. Rachel did our engagement shoot and our wedding elopement shoot. She was so flexible and responsive! Our original wedding plans were cancelled and she worked with us every step along the way. It was so nice to have photos that we loved to share with those who couldnt be with us. She made both my husband and I so comfortable taking the pictures! 10 out of 10, would recommend.


Wow! These wedding photos (my son’s wedding) are magical – Every One of them! Besides being such a talented photographer, she has the perfect personality for a wedding photographer – she is funny, and will make you laugh off any stress you might feel on your special day, she will cry with you when the beauty and magic are just so perfect, and she will keep you on task so that she can get those perfect pictures. Love love love her – this is the person you want to take your wedding memories!!


We absolutely loved our wedding photography experience with Rachel Tanner Photography! Our wedding was planned in a short amount of time (we eloped) and we contacted Rachel a little over two months before our date. She was very helpful and immediately set up a Zoom call to discuss what we wanted, what our vision was etc. Her witty sense of humor had both my husband and I laughing the whole time and she made us both feel completely at ease. Rachel was accommodating to requests and also came prepared with a list of photo ideas. She even stayed a half hour past our time to ensure we got the pictures we wanted. Awesome day captured by an awesome photographer! I highly recommend Rachel Tanner Photography for anyone who wants wedding photos that show your personality and capture the candid moments.


On a recommendation from my sister, we decided to meet with Rachel about being our wedding photographer. My sister has had her family pictures done by Rachel for years, and they are always great. From the moment I first spoke with Rachel, there was no question about having her be our wedding photographer. She matched our energy, embracing the awkward and quirky while still being professional. Rachel has this incredible way of knowing her craft inside out, upside down and backwards but being fun about it. She made every question and concern feel valid, and there were not many to be had, as she was able to address potential questions or concerns before I even knew I was going to have them. I wish I could share something that made us unsure about choosing her, but she calmed every concern. She further proved we made the right choice in doing our engagement pictures. We wanted them in the snow, while it was snowing – he never hesitated about this request. One Sunday, we were all on standby, waiting on snow to fall, with the snow falling only one hour before it would be too dark, we ran around Jerusalem Mill – laughing, freezing…getting into a glimpse of our wedding day. Did I mention we also included our dog in all of this – and on wedding day too! To say we are obsessed with our photos would be an understatement. Both our engagement and wedding gallery make it impossible to chose a favorite. She got us our galleries SO fast considering the quality of work being top notch. Rachel just found this way to bring out our personalities in the photos – she included pictures in the galleries that are just silly and ones that take your breath away. We were in constant communication leading up to the wedding, she was always clear about what we needed to provide her to have a successful day for us both, and helped us create a timeline that ended up being perfect.

I could gush all day about having Rachel be part of our wedding day. When I had my momentary meltdown about the timeline starting to fall apart pre-wedding, she handled me like a professional – I cursed, I almost cried, I was feeling the pressure, but she calmed me down and let me have my 5 minutes of feelings. What I forgot, as I just trusted her to get us through, is that she built buffers into the timeline so although we fell behind pre-ceremony we ended up ahead of schedule before the ceremony started. She made us laugh all during pictures, she mingled with the guests and everyone that met her was in love with her. Her second shooter was just as incredible. I loved how they danced and enjoyed the wedding as much as we did, making it feel natural to have them be part of our day. Watching our family go through our photos just reinforced we made the right choice. Everyone was so in love with how perfectly captured we were. And don’t even get me started on the amazing pictures with my dog included. Photographing pets is hard, as they are always moving, but, again, Rachel nailed it!

In 2022 I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and I can confidently say Rachel blew that photographer for that wedding out of the water. He was harsh to the bridal party, had no attention to detail and took almost 4 full months to return the gallery. Through that whole wedding, I was constantly grateful that I knew I was not going to have that experience with Rachel. Choosing the right photographer for your wedding day is so hard. You can’t re-do your photos (or your wedding), and your photos are something you will keep forever, so choosing the right person is so important.

There are not enough words to express just how much I would shout from the rooftops that every bride & groom should have Rachel be their photographer. I am constantly gushing about her and how incredible of a job she did. I can’t ever consider hiring a different photographer for all future needs. Rachel’s quirky, nerdy and fun personality made me (an awkward, loud, anxious, weirdo) feel right at home with her and like we were instant besites, making it hands down the best & easiest choice for our wedding photographer.


Rachel surpassed every one of our expectations for a photographer. As someone that is not comfortable in front of a camera, Rachael made me feel instantly at ease, which facilitated phenomenal photographs of us. Our personalities were able to shine through, and we have Rachel to thank. On top of her friendly and bubbly personality, she is very communicative and responsive. She is an incredible photographer (and person). It was a true pleasure to work with her for our engagement shoot and wedding. Highly recommend!


Rachel was an amazing person to have for our wedding! Everything from the initial conversation, planning out ideas, and then doing awesome the day of was perfect. Such a wonderful person to work with, definitely recommend!

Mike LaHatte

Rachel is AMAZING! She made two introverts feel completely comfortable with taking pictures. She kept us on schedule thoughout the wedding to make sure that we got everything that we wanted in the time that she was there. The quality and craftsmanship of the photos were exceptional. She perfectly caught all parts of our day, with posed and candid photos.


Rachel was wonderful! She made us feel relaxed and comfortable during our photos. She also got great pictures of the ceremony. She was on time and captured all the moments we had hoped she would. Highly recommend!


Rachel and her assistant Erin are absolutely amazing. They really helped everything go smoothly on our wedding day and made sure we didn’t get overwhelmed or burnt out! Rachel really embraced our quirkiness and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. We highly recommend her!


It was such an amazing experience for my wife and I! Rachel is fun, engaging, and so easy going. We had so much fun taking picture. Rachel really brings out the best in you with her amazing energy and personality.